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Every year I help dairy farmers just like you find tens of thousands of dollars in savings. I even focus exclusively on ways to help dairy producers manage their dairy farm loans and deal more effectively with lenders, including proven methods for cutting through all the red tape that gets between you and your dairy lender. Hopefully, you find the information / advice helpful in your dairy farm business.

Achieving Success on Your Dairy Farm Loan


If you feel like your lender is being exceptionally tough on you, you’re not alone. Extreme lender responses are the norm today as the dairy industry weathers tough times. Despite these responses, it is important that as a dairy producer you continue to move forward in a positive manner. LEARN MORE



The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) for banks is causing big trouble for many dairy producers looking to renew their credit lines. Regardless of an operation’s stable or even increasing profits, many banks using TARP are raising interest rates and implementing other unfavorable terms. LEARN MORE

Where Have All The Lenders Gone Dairy Farm Loans


Dairy producers wondering how they can position themselves for a better future and avoid cash flow problems that plagued the industry in 2009 are right to be thinking ahead. One of the best ways to position themselves for success is to develop a detailed plan for their business and include their lender in it. LEARN MORE



Knowing whether or not to fix interest rates is a tough decision for dairy producers and depends on several factors. The key is to study the movement of rates and talk with experts in the industry, including borrowers, lenders and your accountant. LEARN MORE

Days of Handshake Are Gone Dairy Farm Loans


Gone are the days when loans were closed with a handshake. Today’s dairy producers need to produce a detailed financial plan, CPA-reviewed financial statements, cash flow-projections and more when applying for a loan. LEARN MORE



The importance of maintaining a solid relationship with your bank cannot be underestimated. This is especially true in a tight lending environment. LEARN MORE



A solid relationship with its lender is critical to the success of any dairy operation. Maintaining this relationship means demonstrating the value of an operation by showing operation improvements and providing a clearly defined plan that includes sound cash flow projections. LEARN MORE

Dairy farm loans

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