Entering a New Game!

Welcome to a new year, a fresh season and a clean slate – all with the makings of a positive start. With this new beginning, we all get a clean score card without any pluses or minuses. The scoreboard simply has all zeros. Unfortunately, this state won’t last long.

Take a quick look at your results for last year, and figure out what went well and what areas need to be improved. Are you prepared? I realize this can be a difficult question, but what have you done to prepare for this year? Have you set new Goals and developed a Plan for reaching them? This process can be challenging, but it definitely is needed in every business (including mine). Here is a list of questions designed to assist you with this preparation process:

  • Do you know what you want to accomplish this year? Share these objectives with your Team.
  • Have you set specific goals for items that have a direct impact on your efficiency? Written goals will keep you consistently focused on your target.
  • Do you have an established system in place for measuring your results on a regular basis versus just waiting until year end to see how it all works out?
  • Take the time to establish profitability goals on a monthly basis. Do you measure your margins monthly?
  • The best thing you can do is to measure your outcomes versus your plan regularly. There is no better way to know whether or not you are on track!
  • Do you have established Team Accountability measurements in place? These should be set with your employees and your outside professionals. People do not rise to low expectations, but, in all cases, it always helps to know what your expectations (Goals) really are.
  • Do you have a system in place to measure these results throughout the years? With my Clients, I use a scheduled set of Management Team Meetings with them, their key employees and other professionals to track our results throughout the year.
  • Finally, as the saying goes, “Plan your work, and work your plan.” Having a plan in place will dramatically increase the odds that you are more successful this year. Using this tool as a guideline for what items you need to focus on improving will serve you well as you proceed forward.

Following a solid plan based upon the points listed above and your business’ unique aspects, and then measuring your monthly results against an established plan, will get you closer to your objectives. Best wishes for a successful year!