Focus on Who, Not How

In a recent lesson from my business coach Dan Sullivan of The Strategic Coach Organization during my most recent workshop, he pointed out that for most entrepreneurs, the first question we ask is “How can I solve this challenge?” As I’ve pointed out before, if we truly know our “Why,” the “How” part becomes easier. For example, maybe you are building your business to provide a lasting legacy for your family within your industry. That would be your “Why.” If you are clear on this, the rest of the process can become much easier.

However, Dan points out that our focus needs to shift beyond the “How.” For example, I, like most people, have new projects that I want to complete, but I am usually very busy. He points out that if I don’t focus on the “How” as much as “Who,” I am more likely to get this project started. I should be asking – Who can initiate this project? Is it someone on my Team or another outside person?

If I’m busy, which I usually am, can I still move forward? Who can I call on to achieve this project? Do I really need to be the one who leads it? A good example in my own business is this blog that you are reading today. Yes, I wrote it, but if I was the person who then needed to process it and get it organized to email it out on a regular schedule, it might never happen. However, I have a very capable person who completes all of that process for you and me.

Likewise, I am currently introducing new Success Strategies Business Navigator Program in early 2019 that are designed to reach more people with the Finance & Strategy Concepts that I offer business people. While I am currently working on the content that I will deliver during those sessions, there is so much more to be done, including the marketing, the organization of materials, setting up the locations and so much more. By identifying “Who” can help with these processes, I’ve been able to move forward on this within a better time schedule. Be on the lookout for these sessions, which will be announced by early next year and sign up today.

What projects are you being held back on, simply because you’re wondering how you will find time to complete them? I suggest you take Dan’s advice and start thinking about “Who” will be able to assist you to move forward. Is it someone on your current Team, someone you will need to hire or possibly someone you can outsource the process to? They are definitely out there. You just haven’t identified them yet.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. What applications of these lessons can you make in your business? Be watching for our upcoming “Mastermind Group” opportunities we are planning to offer. This entire thinking process is absolutely critical today, and if you need assistance, please e-mail me at I’m always open for a follow-up call and wish you the best of success!