Where are you now? Do you know where you are headed?

Let’s face it. This year and 2015 have both been tough financially! So, how are you faring these days? You know, recently I thought I was having a rough day when I completed four flights in two days and then six flights in four days… until I was sitting next to a lady who had recently experienced an “emergency landing.” Apparently, one of the jet’s engines had stopped functioning, all of which wasn’t leading to a very positive outcome…   So, just as with my bemoaning the numerous flights in one week, things are often a direct result of how we look at them. With that in mind, as part of a new program that I am presently developing entitled “6 Hours to Your Best Year Ever,” I am introducing a new self-evaluation tool entitled the “Know Your Score,” which you can use at your convenience and at no cost by using the following link:   http://knowyourscore.coach/scorecards/c36a14133f28f0d3edca51f685c161a4/surveys   As you take this evaluation tool, ask yourself two questions: 1.) What are my scores today? 2.) What do I want them to be in five years? As you find yourself struggling with the current negatives of our industry, please understand that you are not alone in these challenges. I understand how you are feeling. Every one of my Clients is feeling much the same right now. In fact, I’ve felt the same challenges almost every time I talk to one of them, but what I am finding is that if you remember that this, too, shall come to pass, it can really clear your thinking.   I recall the story about the professor who, on the first day of class, told his students that they could earn an A, B, C or F in his class. He outlined the requirements for each specific grade. Their assignment before tomorrow’s class was to simply decide which grade they wanted to receive and turn it in to him. They could move up (in grade) or out of the class, but if they stayed and skipped any of the required steps for a given grade, they would receive an F. Sounds just like real life, doesn’t it? What “grade” do you want to receive?   After you have determined where you currently are in your thinking and where you would like to go in the future, can we help you get to where you want to go? If you would like a follow-up call, please shoot me a quick e-mail at john@success-strategies.com, and we’ll schedule a 15 minute call. Know anyone else who can benefit from this tool? Please feel free to forward this to them with its link, or if you’d like, just share their e-mail with us and we will do it for you. Thanks!   My business coach Dan Sullivan, who developed the original Mindset model called the Optimum Maximizer™ said you should always talk yourself into a better future, not a worse one! Of course, that is the objective with this model. I hope you find it helpful.   “Success is not a matter of where you stand, but in what direction you are moving.” Quote on Excellence from the Successories™ Calendar