We Can Do Better Than This…

Recently, it seems like I hear a lot of comments about how people aren’t doing better, either because of the President, some Congressman, some policy or some other factor out of our control.

Welcome to life. Don’t we all have challenges to face? Of course, we do, but whining about them or expecting someone else to sacrifice something so we can do better isn’t the answer. That’s called a “Zero Sum Game,” where I only win if you lose or vice versa. We live in the greatest economy in the world with the most options available anywhere. There is a much better way to boost your results.

Instead of looking for the next “Free Lunch,” let’s look at another approach and see what we can accomplish. We can do better.

It’s called The Strategy Circle™ and was developed by my Business Coach Dan Sullivan of the Strategic Coach, who states that the challenges & obstacles we face are actually the raw material for reaching our goals. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Decide what it is you want to achieve. Only you can determine this.
  2. Identify what the biggest obstacles are for you to overcome. As Dan points out, “these obstacles are the raw material for achieving your goals.”
  3. Start thinking about how you can overcome these challenges. What steps do you need to take, who can help you with these tasks, and how soon can you get started? Remember that every 1,000-mile journey begins with taking the first step.
  4. Set deadlines for each of the steps you’ll need to take. Without a deadline, these will only be a dream that will never get done.
  5. Finally, get started. Nothing will ever be completed without your taking action.

To summarize, sometimes life doesn’t seem fair. Heck, there are times when I am disappointed with what life offers, too, but that’s no reason to give up or start complaining. We are better than that, both as individuals and as an industry. Follow the five steps listed above the next time you are facing a challenge, and I will see you at the “finish line,” and you know what? People, including your Team, will be cheering you on as you reach your goal, too! You’ll both be thrilled with your success.

Best wishes for the greatest level of success in your business this year!

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