What’s the Difference?

I’d like you to think about two words and compare what they can mean to you as you move forward in your business and life.  The two words are “Reactive” and “Creative.”  While they are both spelled with the same letters, they have quite different meanings, don’t they?

When I am working with my clients to develop their business strategies, one of the greatest gifts that I believe I can give them is to teach them to be more creative and less reactive.  This is especially true when we are seeking financing from their bankers, and I will get into that more in a moment.

I believe it is crucial that we always remember that each of these Clients, or any other person for that matter, is going through a transition.  This is their “journey,” if you will.  Whether they have been on the brink of a financial disaster and want to restore their solvency and then go on to higher levels of prosperity, or they simply desire to get better at what they do, they all want greater levels of clarity.

To achieve this, the key is to know where you currently are in terms of your finances and proximity to your long term objective.  Understand what you want to accomplish, and just as significantly, understand your “Why.” Why do you want to expand your business?  Is it to earn more, to allow for your son or daughter to join you in the operation, or is it to position your business for a better sales price when you decide to retire?

Believe me.  If you know where you currently are, what you want to achieve, and have a firm grasp of “Why” you want to accomplish this goal, the steps you’ll need to take will become much more evident.  You will start to see what you are lacking and then be well positioned to obtain those necessary items.

This has always been the case whenever you need new financing to complete your goal.  If you can explain to your lender what your goal is, why you want to pursue it, and the steps necessary to get there, most bankers are quite good about providing the funding you will need, assuming it makes financial sense.

I believe that if you really want to accomplish anything in life, this is the process you need to follow.  Know your starting point, where you want to end up (the Goal) and then evaluate what you are lacking in order to refine the steps you should follow to get it done!

On August 1, 2017, our totally redesigned website at Success Strategies, Inc. will be completed, so you may want to take a look at a new video series we call The Strategic Gameplan Series, which will be listed under our Financial Techniques at www.success-strategies.com.  Check it out, because it may provide you with the foundation you need for an entirely new game plan.  I think you will be glad you did!