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I recently read an interesting article in Inc. magazine by Bill Murphy. It talked about the value or cost of “Social Distancing,” which seems to be a hot topic these days. Yes, these are trying times with the rules put in place to offset COVID-19’s impact, but as we go through our regular routines, perhaps there are some valuable points for consideration.

He referred to recent research led by Dr. Barbara Lee Fredrickson, the head of the Positive Emotions & Psychophysiology Lab at UNC. She and her team surveyed 600 Americans to ask about their daily activities to see if there was any correlation with their overall emotions.

Interestingly, they found that survey participants who had spent time in the prior 24 hours “passively scrolling through social media or interacting with others purely through chat or texts,” reported feeling negative emotions. Those surveyed who felt positive emotions included people who had exercised, relaxed (e.g. with a hobby), engaged in spiritual activities (contrary to the limitations imposed by some politicians…), interacted with others face-to-face, or went out of their way to assist others!

The overall message of Dr. Fredrickson is this: Instead of “Social Distancing,” let’s implement a program of “Physical Distancing & Social Solidarity.” How can you implement this in your business? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Encourage your employees to exercise, even if it means going for a daily walk.
  2. Help them to connect with others, with caution, of course.
  3. Let them engage in “self-care” & “spirituality” activities.
  4. Show them, by example, how to help others, even when it’s less than convenient.

Granted, you and I cannot necessarily change the whole world, but we can absolutely have a positive effect upon the people we lead. It’s certainly worth a try. Why not start today? I wish you the best of success!

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