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As we wrap up the year, which has been a difficult one, I wanted to share with you a story of Howard Hill, perhaps the greatest archery performer ever. They say that, not only could he split an apple on the top of someone’s head successfully. He could split those halves a second time, and thank you, but “No, I’m not really interested in holding the apple…

I only tell you the story because as you wrap up you year, I want you set some, as Jim Collins calls them, BHAG’s, i.e. Big Hairy Audacious Goals!!! Make them big and challenging. The bigger the better!

  1. Define it clearly.
  2. Lay out the steps to get there.
  3. Determine who will be involved.
  4. Set a deadline for the completion of these steps.
  5. If you hit snags (Welcome to life…), adjust your course, as needed.
  6. Then, go forward, and “take no prisoners!”

As you prepare for next year, I want to state that you can hit your target better than Howard Hill. I’d just have to blind fold him & spin him around until he was dizzy & could barely see. I know what you are thinking. You’re saying, John, that just wouldn’t be fair. No one hit a target they cannot see…

And, you know what? You’d be absolutely correct. The same holds true for you. You cannot hit a goal that you cannot see! You have to literally “Go for it!” You may recall what I suggested in my last blog:

  1. Determine what you want to pursue now. Define it clearly in your mind. If you don’t, guess what. Another year could go by, and you’ll still fall short of that objective!
  2. What steps do YOU need to take? What is your first one?
  3. Who else can assist you with this process? Are they already on your Team, or is it someone from outside? Forget about “saving your way to prosperity.” The right person on some of these tasks will pay for themselves 5-10X over. Ask anyone who has ever been saved from the brink of financial disaster. They never considered the cost, just the potential benefit.
  4. When do you want to achieve this result?
  5. What will the “drivers” of this challenge need?

If I can assist you with this process, please contact me at john@success-strategies.com or 209-988-8960. Best Wishes for a joyous Holiday Season and continued prosperity in the coming year!