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I recently came across a quote from my Business Coach Dan Sullivan, which I feel is appropriate for our current times:

“Entrepreneurial confidence lies in the willingness to look for the certainty and uncertainty in every situation.”

                                                Dan Sullivan, Co-Founder of The Strategic Coach

I believe you’ll agree that there is a great deal of “uncertainty” in our lives right now, but are you spending adequate time identifying both the “uncertainties” and the “certainties” in your business and life? While we need to give sufficient study to both areas, we need to be careful we don’t get caught up in just those that are uncertain. If we do, we will be subjected to freezing up our thinking, and, in general, that is not a positive outcome.

Beginning with items of certainty, I suggest that you identify them and consider how you can integrate them into your business operation. However, if they are truly “certainties,” there is no need to dwell on them. Simply consider how they can help you, and then address the “uncertainties” that you are facing.

To start, recognize that these are areas that you are unsure of, so we need to consider multiple possibilities or potential outcomes that could occur.

  1. List your objective, i.e., your best possible potential outcome and set a date for its completion. Remember, a goal without a deadline will likely remain a “dream.”
  2. Next, list all the potential obstacles you are facing. Some of them could be those same uncertainties. Then, outline potential strategies you could use to overcome them, as well as who, specifically, will implement the strategies you’ve listed.
  3. Once you’ve refined your steps, take Action on them!
  4. Will you call 100% of these steps perfect? Probably not, but as Motivational Speaker Les Brown stated, “All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is usually enough!” The problems arise when people start taking shortcuts and don’t actually do all they are capable of doing…

Follow these steps, completely & thoughtfully, and you’ll be able to master the process of Strategic Planning. When you do, many of the prior “uncertainties” will become more certain, effectively providing you with “Stepping Stones” to greater levels of success!

I hope you find these recommendations helpful in your business. If I can assist you further with this process, please contact me. It’s one I use with Clients on a regular basis.

Please allow me to leave you with this: Are you caught in an uncertainty trap?

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