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Have You Ever Been Here?

Have you ever been in an ugly financial situation, possibly one that looks like there is no way out? I’ve been there many times with new Clients that were close to giving up. In fact, it’s often where our new Clients come from, a point of desperation.

Are You Focused on Winning?

Do you ever wonder when your next “Win” will be coming your way? I know I often asked that question earlier in my career. It has been said that we normally find what we are looking for in life, so allow me to provide you with a better approach.

Have You Ever Considered Firing Yourself?

Each of these individuals had been fired at some point in their careers, but they also were able to “bounce back” and take their leadership roles to new levels. While I’m fairly certain that none of them had immediate financial concerns, I think it’s important that we zero in on what else they had in common with us, in the event that the same thing ever happened to us.

Could This Be the Answer for You?

I’m sure you are familiar with the S-Curve concept that describes the development of a product, or for that matter, just about anything. You know – first the product is introduced, it develops slowly, and then suddenly (if it has merit) it takes off in an upward trajectory until it is eventually replaced with a better product & it fades into obscurity.