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Do You Know Who I Am?

I really believe this is a good question for each of us to ask ourselves. I recently listened to a speech by Matthew McConaughey, also known as the speech that broke the internet, where he explained that knowing who we are begins with knowing who we are not.

Is This Sustainable?

This is likely a question many folks in the dairy industry are asking these days. In essence, how long can we make this work? Considering the lower milk prices, high feed prices these past 18 months, rising interest rates and our ridiculous rate of inflation, it really is a great question to ask. In fact, it’s an excellent question to be asked on every major decision.

Who Benefits from Delays?

It has been interesting to observe recent delays on loan approvals with several of my Clients. Frustrating, yet interesting, since the delays seem to occur for no real good reason. I understand that all parties, particularly the bank, need to have sufficient, current information to make a good loan decision, but once they have it, […]

What Makes You Think You Can?

It was a question that caught me off guard… Much as I wanted to respond with a “rapid fire” answer, it caught me by surprise. However, when I thought more about it later that same day, I concluded that it was a great question. At the risk of catching you off guard or raising your […]