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Why Bother?

Please allow me to put his question into perspective. He had suffered through four consecutive years of low milk prices, continually growing expenses (despite our supposedly have only “minimal inflation”), and no profits. These factors were the basis of his question, “Why bother?”

Moving Beyond Survival!

Wow! This has definitely been a tumultuous year in the dairy industry, following the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. However, if you are reading this, you’ve survived it, and that’s fabulous, but what’s next? What new items, if you achieved them, would substantially push you forward? What would represent a major breakthrough for your Business, your Team […]

Are You Adequately Covered?

As the cost of buildings on your operation continue to rise each year, you certainly wouldn’t think of not covering their replacement with adequate insurance. Yet, have you done the same thing with the primary source of revenue in your business?

Throw Me to the Wolves…

Forty years ago, many people held the same jobs for their entire career. There was job security for life… Today, job descriptions are constantly changing, we see lower levels of company loyalty, and many change careers regularly, either out necessity or a desire to seek new opportunities.

Choose Wisely!

“After an inflection point, all bets are off; the industry changes. The forces that drive that change are rarely a surprise, and the change, which appeared to be so gradual, then suddenly comes into play. And the opportunities are there for those who are ready.”
Damien McLoughlin