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Building a World Class Team! – Part B

Continuing from last week’s post, “Building a World Class Team! – Part A:

  1. Teach Your Legacy to New Talent – We can all learn from others. Everyone’s experiences are valuable, so why not make it a point to teach the younger “players” in your organization? Why force others on your team to learn by making the same mistakes you’ve already experienced? Pass your experience on!
  2. Create a Vision – Set goals for your Team and tell them what’s in it for them. For Coach K, it was to win a gold medal for the United States. For you it might be to increase production per cow to a certain level or to reduce the average days open in your herd and shorten your calving interval. You decide. You might be surprised how interested your employees are in helping you reach your goals. A lot of people enjoy working for someone else. Thank goodness, because we need good employees. They simply want to be aware of what your vision is for the business, because they cannot help you achieve a goal you do not have…
  3. Be Worthy to Win – Work hard and play by the rules, but play to win! When you do reach your objectives, be sure to share the success with your team. You probably could not have done it without them.
  4. Use the Power of Words – When Coach K autographed his book for me, he stated, “Always believe in the ‘Power of Words.’” This can be a word of encouragement or, as he shared in his book Beyond Basketball, it might be as simple as stating “I believe in you” when you are interacting with a teammate. Words can also be a powerful visualization tool for people. Be sure to use them wisely.
  5. Have Passion! – Be excited about what you do. Whether you’re an owner, milker, herdsman or Cooperative Board Member, play your role to the fullest extent possible. My dictionary defines Passion as “Great enthusiasm.” Coach K described it as “…extreme emotion. When you are passionate, you always have your destination in sight and are not distracted by obstacles.” However you define it, be sure to demonstrate it on a daily basis as part of your success routine. I think you’ll be glad you did!