Are You Caught in the Great Meltdown?

Recently, I was reading a book by my Business Coach Dan Sullivan entitled The Great Meltdown. In it, Dan describes how our entire world is experiencing a “meltdown” in which bad news of high costs of Money, Energy, Labor and Transport (MELT) are wreaking havoc on many operations’ results.

Dan states that “the costs of MELT determine economic growth and progress or decline and collapse. Their combined, interactive costs are one simple, helpful indicator of the direction of economic performance in any market or industry. In short, when the cost of the four MELT factors goes up, progress goes down.”

He goes on to say that “when the MELT costs rise, there’s a dramatic separation between people’s circumstances.”

With that factor in mind, what’s your plan? As bank financing gets tighter (and more expensive, what are your options?

  • If borrowing Money becomes more challenging, can you shift some of your short-term loans onto longer term assets such as real estate? Loans with a longer amortization period can help immensely with your cash flows, by lowering your monthly payments.
  • Energy has become more expensive for all businesses. Part of this has been caused by government restrictions on oil exploration in the U.S., and part of the increase is a result of the transition, successful or not, to new forms of “green energy.”
  • On Labor, we all know that the cost is increasing (just to keep up with inflation), but what about productivity? Are we making gains there? The cost per hour is unlikely to drop in the short term, so unless the “productivity” per hour jumps, we will be faced with some genuine problems…
  • The cost of all Transport has been rising as result of both the Energy & Labor costs climbing. This has become clearer as we require 5 days to simply deliver a letter that used to arrive in two days and as we observe that the time & costs of getting equipment parts has grown considerably.

As you consider these challenges, do you have a plan for overcoming them? This is not a task that can be overcome in one meeting. However, I do believe that if you measure these items, you can better understand them. If you understand them, you can undoubtedly gain more control over them, and if you can start to control them, you will be able to improve them.

I’d love to visit with you more about my work with other Clients on these areas and how you, too, can achieve an improved outcome. Please let me know if you would like some assistance at, and please consider the following advice:

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

Winston Churchill

Let’s take your business to the Next Level!

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