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Oh Yes, About That Planning Your Work!

I was talking to an executive sitting next to me on a flight from Chicago two weeks ago. As we discussed our business prospects for next year, he sounded absolutely depressed. Given what’s going on in the US economy right now, I can understand why you might be a bit worried. The stock market is down, financing is difficult to locate at present and the big “R word,” recession, is in the air.

Motivation expert Napoleon Hill, however, said the following and its one of life’s most unusual rules: “There is one unbeatable rule for the mastery of sorrows and disappointments, and that is the transmutation of those emotional frustrations through definitely planned work. It is a rule which has not equal.”

Author Steve Chandler, in his book 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, adds that “…once we get the picture of who we want to be, ‘definitely planned work’ is the next step on the path. Definitely planned work inspires the energy of purpose. Without it, we suffer from a weird kind of intention deficit disorder. We’re short on intention. We don’t know where we’re going or what we’re up to.” He continues, “One hour of planning saves three hours of execution.”

Most of us:

  1. Don’t think we have that 1 hour to spend planning. We’re too busy!
  2. Doing what? Cleaning up yesterday’s messes – which were likely caused by a lack of planning…
  3. Don’t just wander aimlessly, hoping it will all work out.
  4. Be proactive, not reactive, this time!
  5. Steve Chandler says, “A carefully planned meeting can take a third of the time that an unplanned free-for-all takes. A carefully planned day can take a third of the time that an unplanned free-for-all day takes.”
  6. Take time to plan, both with and without your team.
  7. Your planning will provide you with a clear, well-thought-out approach to your work, as well as a real sense of purpose, instead of simply responding to an endless series of crises!
  8. Take the time to plan today and, if necessary, get away for an hour! I think you’ll be glad you did!