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With all of the items available within this subscription, including our Success Videos, Success Tele-seminars, the Dairy Feed Cost Analyzer, the Dairy Cash Flow Enhancer and the Entrepreneurial Cash Flow

Enhancer, for just $47 per month, can you afford not to subscribe? I look forward to being of service to you soon!

Enjoy this short video sampler!
  1. The Monthly Success Videos are designed to guide you on a regular basis to face your business challenges head-on.
  2. We will cover topics in the areas of Finance & Strategy that are essential to your continued success.
  3. These are the same topics that John addresses with his own 1-on-1 Clients, assuring that they are relevant to you as well.
  4. Given the rapid pace of change in our industry, can you afford not to participate in these sessions?
  1. Similar to the Success Videos, these monthly sessions will cover topics that are essential to your business.
  2. They are the same ones my Clients are facing regularly.
  3. We will begin with an informative presentation on a relevant topic in the areas of Finance & Strategy, with accompanying worksheets whenever they are appropriate.
  4. This will be followed by a Q & A session, where I will attempt to answer your questions.
  5. Additionally, since I may not be able to cover everyone’s questions, you can also e-mail me your questions, and I will attempt to get you a quick response. Who knows? Your question may even

    provide us with additional topics for future Tele-seminars!

  1. With Feed representing 50-60% of your overall costs, can you afford to not have the fullest control over this expense area?
  2. This software tool will allow you to evaluate your feed costs on a regular basis.
  3. Using your Beginning Inventory, Feed Purchases & Ending Inventory, you will be equipped to measure your Feed Costs, as well as your Feed Cost/hundredweight.
  1. With Operating Margins as tight as they normally are, don’t be caught without solid cost controls in place!
  2. The Dairy Cash Flow Enhancer will assist you to measure all of your Revenue and Expense items vs. a Budget guideline.
  3. You can even learn your Costs/cwt., allowing you to make comparisons with the rest of the industry.
  4. With a minimal investment of time each month, you can be well prepared to fully understand the financial cash flows of your business & fully equipped to make the changes necessary for you to

    hit your best results!

  5. You can also run “What If” scenarios, allowing you to test, in advance, what might happen if you added more cows, decreased your labor force, or implemented other operational changes.
  1. For those of you who operate in other industries or who have diversified beyond agriculture, we offer access to the Entrepreneurial Cash Flow Enhancer.
  2. This tool is designed to assist you in the development of a Budget for your operation.
  3. It has also been designed to allow you to track your Actual Results vs. your Budget to assist you in staying on track.
  4. Additionally, you can run various “What If” scenarios to allow you to see the potential impact that specific changes might have to your bottom line!