Have You Made This Change Yet?

So many people seem to be on a “treadmill” today. Occasionally, I feel that way, too, especially the last three years. I’d suggest what I believe has directly caused this, but you might accuse me of being “too political.”

Perhaps a better approach might be to follow the advice of the January 24th article in Inc magazine by Marcel Schwantes entitled “Science Says Your Overall Happiness Comes Down to 3 Timeless Strategies.”

The article goes on to say that “Happiness will enhance your health, improve your focus, and improve your job performance.” Sounds good so far…

What are the three strategies the author outlines?

First, “schedule downtime.” In the technology dominated culture we live in, it’s very challenging to “get away.” We are always on call… Schwantes suggests that every 80-120 minutes we should schedule ten minutes of down time i.e. a break. Some even suggest that you leave some “time gaps” in your daily schedule – GASP!!! I used to despise these gaps when they occurred, but then I started to realize that they help me to catch up, compose myself and get better prepared for the next event or meeting.

Next, “reward yourself by giving.” Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Schwantes states that “the emotional rewards of giving are more significant when giving is connected to others.” If you make an anonymous donation, it will be less fulfilling than giving funds to a “cancer- stricken friend’s GoFundMe Campaign.” This social connection will provide you with a boost of happiness.

Third, “shift your mind toward optimism.” Remember, that it’s always darkest right before the dawn. These are stressful times we are living in, so it’s more essential than ever to be optimistic and set future goals for yourself. Change is always scary, simply because it is unknown. I met with a banker recently about a Client’s financial challenges and had to remind myself that this same loan officer has “predicted 5 of the last 2 recessions…”

No, that was not a typo. He worried about way too many items. He literally would not provide them with the funds they needed today, despite their $1.5 million in profits from 2020-2022. His reasoning? “I’m concerned about 2023 results now.”

In summary, life goes on, and we will figure it out. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to follow these three steps and boost the happiness of both my Client and me. Let’s go out and make it a great year!

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