Choose Wisely!

I recently was reading about a presentation by Damien McLoughlin, marketing professor at the University of Dublin, within which he explained that our industry (in fact, all industries) are currently at what he describes as a “Strategic Inflection Point.”

What other potential options have arisen over the past several years in the dairy industry? How about robotic milkers? What about robotic feed pushers? What about price insurance programs such as DMC or DRP? Have you adopted them yet?

This was most recently inflicted upon us by the COVID-19 outbreak, and he explained that at some point, all businesses will face an inflection point that significantly alters the way we think or act. Obviously, COVID-19 has caused this with the restrictions placed upon us for travel and the increased use of Zoom meetings and other online tools.

Mr. McLoughlin states, “After an inflection point, all bets are off; the industry changes. The forces that drive that change are rarely a surprise, and the change, which appeared to be so gradual, then suddenly comes into play. And the opportunities are there for those who are ready.”

He added, “We’re in a time of enormous challenge, but challenge always presents opportunities.”

What type of opportunities currently exist for you? Are there some in terms of expansion, increased efficiencies, or higher levels of price insurance? What strengths do you have going for you? Are you currently well prepared or do you need additional resources? What advantages do you have? Who else can you consult with on this challenge?

Have you developed your own strategy to succeed at a higher level? Our industry is changing very rapidly, so don’t delay. Take action now! Choose wisely…

If I can assist you in any way, please let me know at or 209-988-8960.

 “When I was young, I always said I wanted to be someone. Now that I am older, I wish I’d been more specific.”

                                                            Gilda Radner, Former SNL Comedian

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