“How to Solve Problems!”

Solving problems is a large part of what I do with Clients. My goal is to get them to think things through and be better prepared for that day when a new challenge, whatever it is, may arise.

My business coach Dan Sullivan of the Strategic Coach organization stated that: “The challenges and obstacles you face are actually the raw material for reaching your goals.” That is why this process of recognizing these obstacles for what they really are is so crucial to your results!

So, should we welcome these problems and challenges at all times? Not necessarily. I’m not always thrilled by the challenges my Clients and I face. Yet, if we look at them as new potential opportunities, rather than as a calamity (You know, “Woe is me…”), you will undoubtedly be better off.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re not as profitable as you’d like to be. Imagine that happening in the dairy industry… Try out the following steps:

  1. State the Objective or Desired Result as specifically as possible. For example, you might say “Boost my Net Profit.”
  2. Next, get more specific on your goal: For example, “Achieve Net Profits of $200,000 this year.”
  3. Make a list of all the Obstacles that oppose that goal.
  4. Set a Target Date for this goal to be reached, e.g. by 12/31/2020.
  5. Identify the “Payoffs” for reaching this objective.
  6. List the primary Obstacles in more detail: Low Milk Prices, Operating Costs being too high, Excessive Debt per Cow, High Labor Costs…
  7. What Strategies can you utilize to overcome these Obstacles? Write them down.
  8. List who can help you complete the tasks necessary to overcome these Obstacles.
  9. How soon can these steps be taken? What specific actions will it require?

It’s a lot to think through and implement, but remember: No one plans to fail. They just fail to plan! In the words of Alex Morrison:

“You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you can do it.”

That’s true for this process as well. See you at the Finish Line!

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