“Knowing Your Next Step!”

As you may recall from my last blog, I suggested that this year will present some solid opportunities for you to succeed. However, this will require high levels of Ambition, strong daily Actions, and a positive Attitude toward the struggles (or jerks) that we may face!

Now that we have that outline reviewed, how do we get to the next level? That is an excellent question and one that I have been discussing with several of my Clients in the recent past. You may recall that one of the “Six Musts for 2020” that Brendon Burchard shared with us was to “Commit to Mastery!” What would that entail in the dairy industry? Here are a few examples I’ve been discussing with Clients:

  1. Are we as efficient as we can be in our current facility? Now, I am not suggesting that you go build a new milk barn at $4 million. However, are there less costly items that we should take a look at? For example, if the Double-16 Parallel Milk Barn is limiting your cows milked per hour, do you have room for another 4 or 8 stalls? If you can add these stalls, what will it cost? Can we finance it successfully? Will it allow us to milk 100 more cows or eliminate our overtime labor in the barn? These are all considerations that should be reviewed. Maybe it won’t make financial sense, but the analysis of this item may lead you to discover other changes you can make, all with your improved success in mind.
  2. Are we keeping too many heifers in our herd inventory? For some producers, these are a “security blanket.” You’ve heard them say: “Hey, I can always sell these extra animals if I need some cash…” Yes, but given the cost of feeding animals, the labor required to manage them and the ability to currently buy them for the same or possibly less than you can grow them, does it make sense? Perhaps not. This is precisely why we should look at this.
  3. Is our Labor as efficient as it can be in your operation? I understand that the labor supply has been tight, but I’m not asking you to add more employees. On the contrary, I’m suggesting that you look at ways to make your current force as efficient as possible. Are there items we can automate, streamline or alter our approach on? I’m only suggesting that you take a look at these items. You may not need to change anything.

Future success in our industry, as with any business, will go to the players who seek the best outcomes by fine-tuning their operations. What action(s) do you need to undertake this week?What will you do differently, going forward?

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You won’t regret it. I wish you the very best for a success-filled year!