These Three Things…

Recently, I’ve had an opportunity to do some thinking about what tactics have really helped me to be more successful, and perhaps more resourceful, in my own business. One of the techniques that I have found to be very beneficial is what I call “These Three Things.”

It actually started with a concept introduced by my Business Coach Dan Sullivan of the Strategic Coach organization. Dan explained that every day he lists the three most important items that he wants to complete. Then, they become his primary focus for the day. It is essential that he remain focused on those specific tasks and that he cannot allow himself to be distracted from them.

This requires genuine focus because it is so common for most of us, myself included, to constantly be pulled away from our primary objectives. You know: Mary has an issue with the Accountant, Bill is facing some labor squabbles, or your feeder is wanting another raise. Now, I am not suggesting that these issues are unimportant. They could potentially all qualify for your “Top 3” list in the near future. However, what I believe Dan is stating is that, at least for today, they are a distraction that will keep you from completing what matters most to your business success.

For anyone who has ever worked in an office setting, it is so easy to be taken off course by what almost always seems to be critical at the time but which can likely wait. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that we should always “Make the main thing, the main thing.” This “top three items” approach is the best technique that I have found to achieve this. Here are some recommendations:


Toward the end of the day, write down the top three priorities that, if you accomplished nothing else tomorrow, would push you forward toward your overall objectives. You may find it interesting that if you do this every day, you’ll accomplish considerably more. You may also find it interesting that these three daily tasks can also be smaller steps that lead you to complete larger quarterly or annual goals.


With that point in mind, why not use this same tactic when you are setting monthly, quarterly or yearly objectives? These are all important. However, none of them will happen unless you instill the discipline necessary to set and complete your top three daily tasks. Why not start today? As motivational speaker Zig Ziglar stated, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.”

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