What Does It Take to (Really) Fail?

That is an excellent question and, likely, one that we often attempt to avoid answering. However, putting a more positive spin on the same question, what can we put into place to minimize the chances of us meeting with failure.

Famous business consultant W. Edwards Deming, who developed the foundation for the large success of the Japanese automotive industry stated that “94% of all failure is due to the system!”

Now, without knowing the specifics of your business operation, I cannot in all honesty tell you what systems you need to put in place to succeed. Frankly, none of us has all the answers. For example, why does sour cream have an expiration date? It’s already sour, isn’t it?

All joking aside, if you want to maximize your chances for success, Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests that you, “Do what you love and put your whole heart into it.” In other words, do everything you can to optimize your results.

With that in mind, do you have business systems in place for your operation? One approach is to think through all the tasks that need to be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Then, outline the steps, actions & requirements for completing those tasks.

As you outline those items, consider how they should be completed, in the event that you were not there to supervise their completion. I’m not wishing anything bad for any of you, but true systems allow people to function in an optimal manner, regardless of who is doing the activities. That is precisely why you need these tasks to all be written down. Then, if you have a health issue or are gone on a vacation, even a new employee can complete the necessary steps.

Remember, Systems are key! One other point for consideration. Get your employees involved in developing & outlining these systems, because when you are gone on that vacation I mentioned, they will be the ones successfully implementing the system. In fact, they will be more likely to take “ownership” in it if you have included your Team as you outline your business protocol and solve challenges!

Are you positioned to succeed? If you don’t determine a plan for your business and life, guess what?  Someone else will! It may be your banker, your landlord or some government bureaucrat. If I can assist you on this process of developing better systems, contact me.

Let’s take your business to the Next Level!

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