Why Not Follow Your Dreams?

Why not? Have you ever found yourself simply accepting what life sends your way? I think we all have at times; You know like the old song from Huey Lewis & The News “I’m taking what they’re giving ‘cause I’m working for a living.” Today I want to challenge each of you to join me in playing one of my favorite roles – that of the Contrarian!

I’ve always been one to challenge the status quo. I am certain that, despite my tendency toward fairly high levels of productivity, I was likely a challenging employee to manage. This was simply because while most people may ask why, I often find myself asking “Why not?”

Fortunately, this has opened an extremely satisfying career for me as a Finance & Strategy Consultant. My good friend and motivational speaker Les Brown said that “A career is something you enjoy doing so much, you’d do it for nothing, but which you do so well that people will pay you to do it.” This is utopia for me and best describes the role I’ve been blessed to fulfill with my Clients for over 19 years!

Do you have dream? Is there a career, business or other opportunity that, as Les Brown describes it, you would enjoy so much, you’d do it for nothing? If so, please allow me to encourage you to pursue it. Whether it’s owning a 4,000-cow dairy, 400 acres of Almonds or a Fortune 500 company, you’ll always be more motivated if you pursue that dream role.

Will there be challenges to overcome? Yes, of course, and it is very possible that the opportunity you are seeking could turn out somewhat differently than you had originally envisioned. Hey, it was just a dream at the beginning, and often reality can be better than what you had originally planned…

There may be some difficulties and disappointments, but if you work at it, you’ll be able to optimize the situation to get closer to your dream. I think it’s essential that as you encounter these challenges (and we all do!!), you follow the advice of my Business Coach Brendon Burchard when he says, “Honor the struggle, and realize that you will figure it out.”

As I stated in my last blog, the key is to know what you want, define it clearly in your mind, and get it outlined on paper. Through this process, you can identify potential obstacles, think through how you’ll overcome them, and then build your plan for progress. However, above all else, follow your dream. That way you can avoid looking back later and exclaiming, “Oh, if only I’d…”

If you would like some assistance with this process, please feel free to contact me via my e-mail john@success-strategies.com.

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“If you are not clear about your vision, then you will be used by someone else to accomplish theirs.”                

Ethan Willis

I wish you the best of success this year!