Recently, I attended the Data & Innovation Summit in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to learn more about technology being developed for the Dairy & Agricultural sectors. It was truly a fascinating event with a great deal of knowledge shared. I would highly recommend that you attend this conference in the future.

One of the best quotes that was presented was from W. Edwards Deming (and, hence, the title, WWDD, “What Would Deming Do?”), who was known as one of the Founding Fathers of Total Quality Management:

“In God we trust. All others bring data.”

W. Edwards Deming

Now, Deming was no ordinary individual, considering his focus on quality management and his 14 Key Principles related to the topic. In fact, he was instrumental in the development of Japanese manufacturing management and their exceptional focus on quality control.

One question proposed by Chip Donatone of IYOTAH Solutions, “Is Data the new oil?” In other words, does it have great value? Of course, as a producer, he added, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

However, what if we could integrate all of the information from your dairy operation into a single dashboard? This is being developed by several companies, including Chip’s firm. Think about the possibilities for your dairy operation of tying in all facets, including, but not limited to, Robotics, your Feed Manager, Breeding Information, your Milk Processor Information, and even your Financial Information. Stay tuned. I may have a tool for this in the near future!

Imagine a bright future for our industry, characterized by forward thinking producers who have developed & implemented tools that have provided them with vastly improved control over their results. That is one of the biggest benefits I see for all of us through the implementation of additional data!

The real question is – Why Wait? Develop this information now, and as I have suggested previously, what will happen?

You will likely find new solutions, refine your processes and make further improvement. That, my friends, is a positive thing!

Let’s take your business to the Next Level!

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