You are a Genius!

You are a Genius!

Whoa! That may have been the best compliment you’ve received all day, short of that parting kiss from your spouse this morning as you were running out of the door. Let’s talk about how I know that are a Genius.

You are in town, picking some items up, when suddenly you spot someone on the sidewalk, coming towards you, to whom you wish to speak. You get five words off your tongue and suddenly realize that this is not at all what you wanted to say. You say to your brain, “I need three new words to improve the meaning of my sentence.” Your brain replies, “We’ve processed your request, and we have 500 possibilities that could correct your sentence.”

You tell your brain, “I don’t need 500. I need just three words to fix this sentence.” You brain comes back with, “We have reprocessed your request, and we have boiled it down to just 100 words that could complete your sentence successfully.” You say to yourself, “I don’t need 100 words. I need just three!” You brain comes back and states, “We recognize your challenge and have reviewed these 100 words. We now have 10 words to correct your sentence.”

In anguish, you tell your brain, “I don’t need 10 words. I only need three!” Your brain comes back and says, “We’ve reviewed those 10 words for the best three and here they are.” With that, you complete your sentence to that other person, with whom you are trying to establish some positive rapport, making a very positive impression. What you may find amazing is that your brain does this all the time, and guess what? What you just read in the last few minutes in the prior three paragraphs, your brain accomplishes in just seconds. Who, other than a Genius, could accomplish such a task?

Now that you know you are a Genius, how can you use this to your advantage? I believe there are several steps, all of which will help to build your confidence. First, you have to have a plan. If you don’t know what your goals or objectives are for this year, as the saying goes, “Just about any road will take you there…” However, I prefer to pursue the paths that I choose for my business, and I assume that you will, too. So, figure out what it is that you really want to achieve.

As a follow up to that point, be specific in stating what you want, and write it down. If you don’t put it in writing, you will be unlikely to remember it later, or, at best, you’ll be “fuzzy” on what it was you were hoping to accomplish. Additionally, having it established in writing will help you to stay more committed to the objectives you want to reach, and, as a side note, this will also assist you to share them with you Team. You know why?

Without your entire Team pulling in the same direction, you will be less likely to hit your targets for the year… It reminds me of the story about the salesman who was traveling and got his car stuck in the ditch. He approached a farmhouse nearby and asked the farmer if he could help pull his car out of the ditch. The old farmer stated that his tractor was in the shop being repaired, and all he had was an old, blind mule named Jesse. However, he would harness the old fellow up and try to pull the salesman’s car back onto the road. When the farmer hooked the old mule to the car’s bumper, he yelled, “Pull Oscar, pull! Pull, Raymond, pull! Pull, Jackson, pull!” and finally, “Pull, Jesse, pull!” With that, the mule yanked the car back up onto the road surface.

The salesman looked at the farmer and asked, “Why did you call all those other names, if you only had your old, blind mule named Jesse?” The farmer replied, “If Jesse thought he was the only one pulling, he probably wouldn’t have reached the goal, but when he thought the whole team was pulling for the same outcome, the task seemed much easier.” The same principal holds true when you are seeking your objectives for the year.

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