Having Productivity Challenges?

Are you facing some productivity hurdles in your business? A recent article in Inc magazine by Marcel Schwantes entitled “Research Says Employees Need 3 Things to Drive Their Happiness at Work” stated that “happy workers are, quite simply, better and more productive workers.”

Now, before you tune out this message as “stupid happy talk,” please consider the potential impact of these three factors. The first is having a “meaningful and compelling vision.” In other words, do your employees see a vision of the future for your business and truly understand how & where they fit in? Schwantes points out that this can foster greater loyalty than money and perks alone can provide. In summary, do your employees see this future vision, and do they understand their role in it? Without these key ingredients, productivity levels will suffer.

The second key ingredient is “connecting their purpose to work.” If people feel that their work matters, their productivity will usually increase. Make a point of discussing how even the most mundane and repetitive tasks contribute to your Team’s overall mission and success. This can be a great motivator for your employees.

Finally, it will support and be beneficial to “fostering healthy relationships.” Trusting and supportive relationships lead to greater levels of collaboration and a more positive work experience. Schwantes explained that “when those relationships are present in the workplace, employees report a much more positive employee experience than when that support is absent (77% vs. 35%).”

Are you positioned for success? If the consideration of these three points can boost your productivity, why not give it a try? I have seen this process work for my clients. If I can assist you on this process or in seeking increased efficiencies, please contact me.

Let’s take your business to the Next Level!

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