It’s Year End – What’ Next?

2018 is now over. You either made money, or you didn’t… So what’s next for you and your business?

Will you expand, change the way you operate or even exit your industry? These are all crucial considerations as you approach the New Year in 2019. When I start with new Clients, I like to use a process from the Strategic Coach organization called D.O.S. This stands for Dangers, Opportunities, and Strengths.

As you consider the various options available to you, what Dangers (or Challenges) do they present? Are there special Opportunities that these various avenues offer to your business? As you present these choices to your banker, what Strengths do you and your Team bring to the table? Prior years of successful operations? Outstanding Vendor relationships? A history of having made great decisions? A unique ability to make things turn out for the best, regardless of the challenges you’ve faced?

These are all crucial considerations as you enter the New Year! Do you have your primary objectives outlined for 2019? Take some time to do so today. I can’t imagine entering a new year without these being defined. I suggest that you consider what the Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths are for each available option in your business. I’d also recommend that you limit yourself to 3 Top Objectives to pursue next year. This will increase your level of focus and keep you from getting stretched too thin.

As you complete this process for the options you have available, please feel free to look at the budgeting programs that are available on our website for dairies and other businesses. There will be special pricing available in the month of January. I believe you will find them beneficial in your analysis.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. What applications of these lessons can you make in your business? Be watching for our upcoming “Mastermind Group” opportunities we are planning to offer. I am currently introducing new Success Strategies Mastermind Groups in early 2019 that are designed to reach more people with the Finance & Strategy Concepts that I offer business people. I am currently working on the content that I will deliver during those sessions. Be on the lookout for these sessions, which will be announced by early next year.

This entire thinking process is so crucial today. If you need assistance, please e-mail me at I’m always open for a follow-up call and wish you the best of success!