What Can We Do?

I received an interesting email about my last blog about how courage can be contagious. With that in mind, I wanted to provide you with some thoughts that motivational coach Brendon Burchard shared recently.

He pointed out that people who are facing self-doubt typically do one of two things. They either “stop dead in their tracks” or use this event as a “trigger to kick it in!”

As Brendon explained, “the first phase is when a Crisis Happens.” This is normally when people start seeking safety and security. They may even do crazy things, like ‘hoarding toilet paper,’ as some people did at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Remember?

“The second phase is when people start to cope with the crisis. If you are in the Stress Management Mode, you may begin feeling self-doubt, become overwhelmed and start asking the question – ‘Why am I going through this?’” A better approach would be to use this challenge as an opportunity to get prepared!

“The third phase is to start realizing that you need to overcome this challenge and build positive progress.” In other words, as I stated in my last blog, commit to a plan. Outline the necessary steps, recognize the hurdles you may face & how you’ll overcome them, determine who will implement the necessary action steps, and put a deadline on these tasks. Otherwise, they will simply remain a “dream,” not something you’ll actually bring to fruition.

This will take some time but, once again, you will probably find new solutions, refine your processes and make additional, positive improvements. And, please remember what my Business Coach Dan Sullivan said about this: “The are no unreasonable goals; just unreasonable deadlines.

I’ll look forward to seeing you at the finish line!

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