Can Courage Really Be Contagious?

Is courage actually contagious? Can you literally catch it? In the book “Courage is Calling” by Ryan Holiday he states that “… courage, like fear, is contagious. One person who knows what they are doing, who isn’t afraid, who has a plan is enough to reinforce an outnumbered army, to buck up a broken system, to calm chaos where it has taken root.” Sometimes, all it takes is one person with courage. Someone who isn’t afraid to face defying odds.

It reminds me of several of the financial turnarounds I’ve been directly involved with over the past 24 years. I’ve been faced with some fairly difficult situations with Clients where we faced off with multiple bankers and attorneys, attempting to persuade them that the financial projections I had developed could work, as planned.

I’ve discovered that you can truly make a difference when you exhibit courage. The reason behind this is that when you exhibit courage, you also make others brave in the process. You literally instill courage in them, too. Calmness can then spread, and that, in turn, leads to higher levels of confidence.

From the same book, I’ll share the story of “Texas Ranger Bill McDonald, called in by the authorities in Dallas in the early 1900’s to break up an illegal prizefight. When he arrived, the mayor was aghast. ‘They only sent one ranger?!’ he asked. ‘You only got one riot, don’t you?’ McDonald asked.” In essence, one person with courage can make a majority.

With this mind, what steps are required?

  1. Determine your ultimate objective.
  2. Recognize that there will, undoubtedly, be some challenges you will face.
  3. Determine the “Steps” you need to take.
  4. Set some deadlines for the various “Action Steps.”
  5. Decide who will initiate the various actions. If we don’t establish deadlines and decide who will do these tasks, then the objective simply becomes a dream, one that never gets completed.

What can you do if you follow these steps? Anything you set your mind to completing!

As I’ve said before, you will likely find new solutions, refine your processes and make additional, positive improvements. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the finish line!

Let’s take your business to the Next Level!

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